yml_latex_opts() sets top-level YAML fields for LaTeX options used by pandoc (see the documentation, from which these descriptions were derived), as when making a PDF document with pdf_document().

  block_headings = yml_blank(),
  classoption = yml_blank(),
  documentclass = yml_blank(),
  geometry = yml_blank(),
  indent = yml_blank(),
  linestretch = yml_blank(),
  margin_left = yml_blank(),
  margin_right = yml_blank(),
  margin_top = yml_blank(),
  margin_bottom = yml_blank(),
  pagestyle = yml_blank(),
  papersize = yml_blank(),
  secnumdepth = yml_blank(),
  fontenc = yml_blank(),
  fontfamily = yml_blank(),
  fontfamilyoptions = yml_blank(),
  fontsize = yml_blank(),
  mainfont = yml_blank(),
  sansfont = yml_blank(),
  monofont = yml_blank(),
  mathfont = yml_blank(),
  CJKmainfont = yml_blank(),
  mainfontoptions = yml_blank(),
  sansfontoptions = yml_blank(),
  monofontoptions = yml_blank(),
  mathfontoptions = yml_blank(),
  CJKoptions = yml_blank(),
  microtypeoptions = yml_blank(),
  colorlinks = yml_blank(),
  linkcolor = yml_blank(),
  filecolor = yml_blank(),
  citecolor = yml_blank(),
  urlcolor = yml_blank(),
  toccolor = yml_blank(),
  links_as_notes = yml_blank(),
  lof = yml_blank(),
  lot = yml_blank(),
  thanks = yml_blank(),
  toc = yml_blank(),
  toc_depth = yml_blank(),
  biblatexoptions = yml_blank(),
  biblio_style = yml_blank(),
  biblio_title = yml_blank(),
  bibliography = yml_blank(),
  natbiboptions = yml_blank()



a yml object created by yml(), as_yml(), or returned by a yml_*() function


make paragraph and subparagraph (fourth- and fifth-level headings, or fifth- and sixth-level with book classes) free-standing rather than run-in; requires further formatting to distinguish from subsubsection (third- or fourth-level headings). Note that the YAML field is actually called block-headings.


a character vector of options for document class, e.g. "oneside"


the document class usually "article", "book", or "report"


a character vector of options for the geometry LaTeX package, e.g. "margin=1in"


Logical. Use document class settings for indentation? The default LaTeX template otherwise removes indentation and adds space between paragraphs.


adjusts line spacing using the setspace LaTeX package, e.g. 1.25, 1.5

margin_left, margin_right, margin_top, margin_bottom

sets margins if geometry is not used, otherwise geometry overrides these. Note that the actual YAML fields use - instead of _, e.g. margin-left.


control the pagestyle LaTeX command: the default article class supports "plain" (default), "empty" (no running heads or page numbers), and "headings" (section titles in running heads)


paper size, e.g. letter, a4


numbering depth for sections (with --number-sections pandoc)


allows font encoding to be specified through fontenc LaTeX package (with pdflatex); default is "T1" (see LaTeX font encodings guide)


font package for use with pdflatex: TeX Live includes many options, documented in the LaTeX Font Catalogue. The default is "Latin Modern".


a character vector of options for fontfamily.


font size for body text. The standard classes allow "10pt", "11pt", and "12pt".

mainfont, sansfont, monofont, mathfont, CJKmainfont

font families for use with xelatex or lualatex: take the name of any system font, using the fontspec LaTeX package. CJKmainfont uses the xecjk LaTeX package..

mainfontoptions, sansfontoptions, monofontoptions, mathfontoptions, CJKoptions

a character vector of options to use with mainfont, sansfont, monofont, mathfont, CJKmainfont in xelatex and lualatex. Allow for any choices available through fontspec.


a character vector of options to pass to the microtype LaTeX package.


Logical. Add color to link text? Automatically enabled if any of linkcolor, filecolor, citecolor, urlcolor, or toccolor are set.

linkcolor, filecolor, citecolor, urlcolor, toccolor

color for internal links, external links, citation links, linked URLs, and links in table of contents, respectively: uses options allowed by xcolor, including the dvipsnames, svgnames, and x11names lists


Logical. Print links as footnotes? Note that the actual YAML field is links-as-notes

lof, lot

Logical. Include list of figures or list of tables?


contents of acknowledgments footnote after document title


include table of contents


level of section to include in table of contents. Note that the actual YAML field is toc-depth


list of options for biblatex.


bibliography style, when used with natbib and biblatex. Note that the actual YAML field is biblio-style


bibliography title, when used with natbib and biblatex. Note that the actual YAML field is biblio-title


a path to the bibliography file to use for references


a character vector of options for natbib


a yml object


# \donttest{
yml() %>%
   yml_output(pdf_document()) %>%
     fontfamily = "Fira Sans Thin",
     fontsize = "11pt",
     links_as_notes = TRUE
#> ---
#> date: '`r format(Sys.Date())`'
#> output: pdf_document
#> fontfamily: Fira Sans Thin
#> fontsize: 11pt
#> links-as-notes: true
#> ---
# }